Most Missouri lawmakers oppose bailout measure

Associated Press - September 29, 2008 5:44 PM ET

WASHINGTON (AP) - Most of Missouri's congressional delegation voted against the Wall Street bailout legislation.

The measure that Congressional leaders spent all weekend negotiating failed 228-205 in a mid-afternoon House vote Monday.

5 of Missouri's House members rejected the $700 billion rescue plan, while four came out for it.

Those favoring the bill include Republicans Roy Blunt and Jo Ann Emerson and Democrats Russ Carnahan and Ike Skelton.

Those opposing it include Republicans Kenny Hulshof, Sam Graves and Todd Akin. Democratic Reps. Williams Lacy Clay and Emanuel Cleaver also voted no.

Blunt, the No. 2 GOP leader, was part of the group that worked to negotiate a compromise.

The bailout plan is unpopular, but House leaders say it's necessary to prop up shaky financial institutions and free up frozen lines of credit.

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