CSI Class Adds Realism

JONESBORO (KAIT) Proper police work at a crime scene can make or break a class. Some ASU students are getting a taste and smell of reality.

JPD Chief Mike Yates, "We want to give them a real experience and try to make these crime scenes and things like that as close to the real thing as possible and give them a good experience as students.

The two day class exercise was held for around 50 students. I participated as a reporter asking questions and trying to get too much information.

Students played the roles of investigators, examining and documenting evidence, taking pictures and interviewing witnesses.

"Chris" , "I heard the gunshots 2 nights ago but I been telling them this was going to happen down here. There's been cars coming and going for six months and I called the police every other day and they don't never come down here and do anything about it."

Chief Yates sees the students as recruiting potential. "We're trying to build a better relationship between the department and ASU. We can use that as a feeder and a funnel for our police officers in the future and start doing a better job of recruiting from the college."

ASU currently offers 2 BS degree programs in Criminology and Forensic Science, and an Associates Degree in Law Enforcement.