Region 8 Responds and Fills The Food Bank Of NEA

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Well over ten thousand pounds of food was loaded into a truck Tuesday, as Region 8 residents generously respond to the need to fill the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas.

"We have had people bring out entire cases, entire pallets of food today," said Christie Jordan.

Jordan is the executive director for the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas.

From one can to 100 hundred cans, each donation is greatly appreciated.  Each donation will help put food in the mouth of someone in need. This food will go to food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters across Northeast Arkansas.

"I went and got some food for the kids with my allowance," said Kaylee Matthews.

Kaylee Matthews, just a kid herself, knows that a few dollars will go a long way. She's doing her part to make sure fewer kids and adults go to bed hungry.

The food donated on Tuesday will go out immediately to people and places in desperate need across Northeast Arkansas.

"It's not just making a food donation, it's giving someone hope, helping someone get back on their feet," said Jordan.