Florida Jury Convicts Region 8 Man's Accomplice in 'Joe Cool' Boat Slayings

MIAMI (AP) - A federal jury has convicted a man of causing death through the use of a firearm, returning a verdict in last year's hijacking of a Miami charter boat that left four people dead. A northeast Arkansas man earlier pleaded guilty in the same case.

Jurors delivered the four-count conviction late yesterday against Guillermo Zarabozo. But a mistrial was declared on 12 other charges, including kidnapping and murder.

Prosecutors said Zarabozo and 36-year-old Kirby Archer of Strawberry, Ark., booked the "Joe Cool" for a phony trip to the Bahamas, intending to hijack it to Cuba. The captain, his wife and two crewmembers were killed and their bodies dumped overboard.

Zarabozo's lawyers argued he also was a victim of Archer, who plotted alone to hijack the vessel and fired all the fatal shots.

Archer pleaded guilty to the killings in July.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)