The Fireball Run Races Through Region 8

PARAGOULD (KAIT) There is nothing cooler than the sound of a 30-year old Trans - Am at idle. Except for maybe a Bentley wrapped up to look like the "General Lee".  These were some of the cars that raced through Paragould on Wednesday.

It's all part of a game to race from Baton Rouge Louisiana to Grand Rapids Michigan. They call it the Fireball Run. But you can't speed.

Martin Blake, "It is an interactive game. What that means is we pace the game at speed limit and we have our players to solve missions and look for bonus points and solve clues to figure out where to go."

The highlight of today's stop in Paragould was the Statue of Liberty by the courthouse. According to race officials this is the second oldest Liberty in America. Each team had to pause at the statue to get their picture taken.

From Bentley Flying Squirrels to Lambourghinis to Corvettes to the Back to the Future Delorean 62 racers in all pay $7000 to race and it's by invitation only.

But besides winning the racers have a mission. To help America's lost children.

Blake, "We put missing child decals on every one of these cars so that they become rolling milk cartons. The more eyes see these pictures the better chance of these kids being found. Last year 23 of our assigned missing children were found. We know we played a part in that."