Walnut Ridge: Airport v. Country Club, Again.

WALNUT RIDGE (KAIT) The city of Walnut Ridge has filed paperwork to take over the Walnut Ridge Country Club and close it down. This measure comes a little over a month since Judge Harold Erwin told both parties to "Work It Out".

According to the writ, the country club has 5 days from time served to either respond or the sheriff will close them down.

This latest chapter just adds to the ongoing desire of the airport to gear up to handle commercial or charter aircraft. In order to do so a safety area of 500 feet needs to be cleared away from runway 1-8, 3-6. This space would eliminate 7 of the 9 holes at the country club.

So far there has been no successful compromise between the two groups even though they were ordered to come up with one by the judge.

Many members are changing the way they are paying their dues and some are afraid the course will close this month.

Club manager Jerry Winters assured me that they are not done yet.

"We're open for business. We're gonna play golf. We're gonna play golf seven days a week and we'll play twice a day on Sunday if they want to."

The next court hearing is scheduled for October 29th with several questions yet unanswered.

1. What sparked all this controversy in the first place?

2. Who will benefit if the country club closes?

3. Why do city officials seem to condone an effort that many say can only hurt the town and surrounding area?