Beebe to Re-Visit Budget Cuts to Agencies

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Governor Mike Beebe says he'll review over the weekend whether the state can restore money cut from some agencies' budgets given a recent surge in revenues.

State finance officials announced this week that year-to-date net available revenues total 1.2 billion dollars, a 64 million-dollar increase over last year and a 63 million-dollar gain over the state's forecast.

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration says the state's net available revenues in September were 481 million dollars, up 28 million dollars from last year and 24 million dollars above forecast.

State finance officials in April cut 107 million dollars from state agencies' budgets for the current fiscal year.

Beebe says that the state's colleges and universities, state police, Department of Human Services and Department of Corrections took the biggest hit in the budget cuts.


Beebe has said one of his top goals for next year is continuing to cut the state's sales tax on groceries, but he has not said how much he hopes to cut the tax.

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