Westside Student Heads Up Campaign for Transitional Housing

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Some call it an answer to prayer.  Others say a little boy's dream to help the homeless is getting "alot" of attention.  In fact, he's got an entire school district helping him in the effort.  And it all started with a conversation at the dinner table.

He's a little boy with a "big" dream.  Seven-year-old Knute Tate wants to help the homeless in Region 8.

"I've been giving my money every week, " said Knute about his philanthropy efforts.

It all started with a conversation at home.   He overheard his mom, Andrea, talk about someone looking for food in a dumpster outside her office.

"He jumped up and said we can't have this," said Andrea.  "He disappeared for a while and when he appeared back he had a basket full of fruits and snacks and some flashlights, a bible and a roll of money."

$167 to be exact.  His piggybank savings and he wanted to give it all to someone who was homeless.  They found that someone at the Salvation Army.

"There was one in particular that the little boy made friends with and his name was Mark," said Major Stephanie Greenham.

But, while Knute was there (Salvation Army) he noticed a lot about the emergency shelter:  the men's sleeping quarters and the women's area is even smaller.  Plus there is one room designated for a family.

"They can only have like 20 people," said Knute.  "I was going to make a bigger one so that more people can go in there."

What Knute is talking about is not just growing the emergency shelter--but creating something called transitional housing.

"It allows people to go into a program. It usually lasts six months to two years where they have a place to stay. It provides meals to them," said Major Craig Greenham.  "They work a plan. They establish a plan to get their life back together."

If you would like more information on Knute's effort to help the homeless, drop a note to his mother, Andrea Tate at: atate95@sbcglobal.net or you can contact Major Craig Greenham at the Salvation Army:  craig_greenham@uss.salvation.org.