Lt.Governor Halter Visits ASU Campus.

JONESBORO (KAIT) The November election is 28 days away and controversy over the lottery amendment is going strong. Lt. Governor Bill Halter was in town Tuesday to update the status of the Amendment.

Halter, "The scholarship lottery is on the ballot. There has been an action by a conservitive special interest group to try and get the supreme court to remove it from the ballot."

Halter addressed the lunch meeting of the Jonesboro Rotary Club then moved to ASU to address members of the Student Government Association and students.

Ashton Snowden told us "The students were excited about what he talked about today. I think they were pumped up and wanting to get proactive about this constitutional amendment."

Halter assured the group that any lottery money would only be earmarked for scholarships for Arkansas students to Arkansas schools.

One of the questions I asked students were did you know anybody opposed to the amendment?

Hillary Colvard, "I have not met anyone opposed to this amendment. I know there are a few people out there but I've not personally met anyone."