Did She Really Take A Purse?

We are stampless this week. But we do have an atypical suspect on Crimestoppers.

Let's go to Mickey D's where someone has left a purse sitting on a chair. Here comes our unlikely suspect. This woman passes the purse, goes to the restroom, then the front of the store, then back to the table with the purse . She sets down hers and then picks up both and heads to the bathroom again coming out a little bit later with only one.

Take a good long look at her. Jonesboro Police are calling her a "person of interest" in this case. If you think you can ID this woman, call Crimestoppers with your anonymous tip, 935-STOP.

On to Warrant Watch and two guys who combine for 20 warrants.

Shon Locken has most of those. 10 non-payment of fines. One fail to appear and 2 revocation of probation warrants.

Alphonzo Vincent, Jr. has really rubbed JPD the wrong way. He skipped out on his court date and now has a cash bond over $5000. Police believe he may be in Batesville. Here's his list. One fail to appear. One public service. And five non-payment of fines.

Turn in Alphonzo Vincent Jr. Or Shon Locken and it's worth cash. Call Crimestoppers right now, 935-STOP to get your tip number. Keep it and keep watching Crimestoppers. If you see your suspect get the stamp, call or email Sgt. Steve McDaniel at JPD and tell him your tip number. He'll tell you how to get your cash. It's that easy. Give them a call, and remember, when you see crime, call Crimestoppers, 935-STOP.