National Walk To School Day

OSCEOLA (KAIT) Like their grandparents before them - Kids all across Region 8 today ditched the bus and actually "Walked" to school. They were celebrating International Walk to School Day.

The program began in 1997 in Chicago, which based it's program on a British plan to make communities more "Walkable". Now over 50 million people world - wide participate.

In Osceola nearly 200 kids from 5 different schools came early in the morning to Florida Park to spread out across the town.

With a police escort the kids quickly walked away from me to follow the flashing lights.

The walk has a three-fold purpose, To enhance the health of kids. Environmental quality, and to create safer routes for walking and bicycling.

Verna Smith is the school nurse for most of the schools in Osceola and one of the organizers told me, "We need to promote safe school routes and exercise, we need exercise."

A side benefit from walking besides good health is energy savings. Less gas burned in cars and school buses. Everyone benefits from walking.