Thrift Stores Thrive During Sluggish Economy

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Big business bailouts and stock market scares have millions of Americans watching every dollar.  In this economic downturn, local thrift stores are thriving.....and that's good news for cash strapped consumers.

"They can pile up a pile of clothes for 20 dollars instead of going and buying one top for 20 dollars. You can go out with a whole bag full and go out of the store happy," said Sandy McQuay.

Abilities Unlimited's, Sandy McQuay, started as manager of the retail store in May and says sales have increased every month. She attributes much of that to people wanting to get more bang for their buck, and knowing they can do that at thrift stores.

"They can really spend their money wisely in here and like I said, they can get something for everybody and not be out a lot of money," said McQuay.

Goodwill's across the country are seeing more shoppers. People are very aware of the fact that they can get more for their money by coming to Goodwill industries and similar shops to do their shopping. They know a bargain when they see it," said Francy Ford.

Goodwill's Francy Ford says she thinks the image of Goodwill has improved over the years.  She says they're doing more to make their stores more shopper friendly. Ford says she expects to see Goodwills nationwide  continue to see more shoppers.

"I think where the economy is right now, I think giving a second hand gift---that taboo of doing that, is very old hat," said Ford.

Whether you find something brand new or slightly used, Ford says you can't put a price on feeling good.

"Having a new outfit whether it costs five dollars or 500 dollars, it just kind of gives you a lift in your spirits anyway," said Ford.

Here are some numbers you may find helpful for questions about these stores.

Salvation Army--870-935-2082


Abilities Unlimited--870-932-1551