Economic Stress, Money and Health

JONESBORO (KAIT) The thought of losing your job, your home, your investments can bring on stress, both mental and physical and can lead to serious problems.

NEA Doctor Craig McDaniel says mental stress and physical problems are intertwined. "Mental stress causes us to have what we call somatic pain. There's no doubt that other problems you have physically are tied in with your mental health status."

The stress can manifest itself into irritability, sleeplessness, depression and in some sever cases, suicide.

Just this week a California man killed his mother in law, wife, 3 sons and himself. His suicide note blamed "Hard Times".

Doctor McDaniel says that he is seeing more stress patients, "Financial stress is one of the most common reasons that we see anxiety depression and other mental health disorders."

Ways to combat stress may include drugs and therapy although many may drop these because they can't afford either.

You can ask for generics, negotiate lower fees with therapists, reach out for help from clergy, family and friends.

One thing you need to remember is that in this financial crisis, no one is alone.