Timberfest 2008 !!!!

DONIPHAN, MO (KAIT) At one time you couldn't hardly turn around in Ripley County without seeing a sawmill. Timberfest brings together the old and today.

It's like taking a trip back in time. Like learning how to make cedar shingles or make a tie raft to float down the river.

A.B.McKnight has been in lumbering all his life, he tells of the heyday of mills in the area.

"Cross ties, hardwood floor lumber and slabs. We cut up for wood and stuff like that. But it was a living for several people around."

In the old days of lumbering, lumberjacks climbed trees and use axes and hand saws to get the job done. The DLW TimberWorks show brings back those skills which now have become competition events.

Jeannine Armour, "The favorite event would have to be probably the speed climb or the log rolling. That's what usually gets the crowd pretty excited there."

Sheriff Don Barnett, the event co-chairman says Timberfest brings the past and today together.

"It's just a good atmosphere for people to come around and see like it used to be years ago. Because in Ripley county there's more sawmills here in Ripley county than any other county in the state."