Jazz in Jonesboro BBQ Competition

JONESBORO, AR -- Barbeque grills have lined the campus of Arkansas State University for the past several days as the contestants get ready for the third annual Jazz in Jonesboro Barbeque competition.

"It's just a lot of fun a lot of good food leading up to the game it's just a good time to be out," said Brad Pietz.

Backyard teams and professional teams were part of the competition.

"It's just a lot of fun.  We just enjoy the camaraderie, the team aspect.  We like being together.  Everybody likes to sit around and cook barbeque and that's what we do.  We just enjoy doing it," said John Wheeler.

For all of the teams at the competition, winning is great, but fun is what it's all about.

"It's a great contest.  People just open their doors.  They treat you great, they do a lot of things for you.  It's a fun time," said Wheeler.

"It's been fun.  I've learned a lot and I hope he's learned a lot, too," said Danny Joe McHaffey.

Brothers Sid and Danny Joe McHaffey have been cooking together for about twenty years for their family, but this is their first time competing.

"Naturally I hope we come in first place, but if we come in last we've had fun," said McHaffey.

Organizers say that's what this event is all about.

The winners from today's competition are:

Grand Champion:  Natural Born Grillers

First Place: Yazoo's Delta Q
Second Place: Tower Rock
Third Place: Rack Pack
Fourth Place: Natural Born Grillers
Fifth Place: Smokin Razorbacks

First Place: Natural Born Grillers
Second Place: Gwatney Championship BBQ Team
Third Place: Smokin Razorbacks
Fourth Place: Tower Rock
Fifth Place: Yazoo's Delta Q

Whole Hog
First Place: Yazoo's Delta Q
Second Place: Gwatney Championship BBQ Team
Third Place: Rack Pack

Backyard Competition:

Ribs: Hank Oxford
Boston Butt: Reeves Rump Rubbers