Biodiesel Not the Answer, Ark. Tech Prof Says

RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. (AP) - Dr. Robert Allen's laboratory at Arkansas Tech University is on the cutting edge of a subject that is becoming increasingly important to Americans: alternative fuels and energies. For years, Allen has been interested in alternative fuels, and this interest has led to grant-funded work with biodiesel.

As he explained it, biodiesel is just what it sounds like: diesel fuel created from biological matter, in other words, plants - most commonly soybean oil. While most biodiesel is created from virgin oil, Allen said discarded oil from restaurants has become increasingly popular over the years.

Most restaurants must pay a disposal company to haul away used oil, but with the demand for fuel increasing, biodiesel companies are buying the used oil. In order to use the oil, however, it must be converted. --- Information from: The Courier,

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