Will to Ride: A Cyclist's Message to Motorists

JONESBORO, AR  (KAIT) -- Motorists beware. Hundreds of people work out on the shoulder of the road in the early morning and late evening hours. One man hoping to get back to cycling nearly had his passion taken away August 12.

"The whole world is spinning and finally when I landed, my buddy came running back to me and I said what happened. He said you've been hit by a car," said Robbie Johnson.

Johnson was hit by a truck while riding his bicycle with his friend at 6 a.m. Johnson wasn't sure what would happen next.

"I was real hesitant to ask the doctors if was I going to be okay because I wasn't sure if I wanted to know," said Robbie.

Johnson broke his pelvis and hip, which needed to be repaired in a 6 hour surgery. He also had some injuries to his lower back, forcing him into a protective shell to stabilize his midsection while sitting upright. He also broke a toe on his left foot and had a deep cut to his back.

Johnson is currently in physical therapy three days a week at the St. Bernard's Sports Medicine Center on the Arkansas State University campus. He works out his entire body, taking baby steps to build strength and stamina.

Johnson and his wife, Stacey, believe some residents in Jonesboro need to be more considerate to those working out on the side of the road.

"I really would like to see the driving public be more considerate of runners and cyclists on the road. They tend to really get abused by some people," said Stacey Johnson.

Stacey Johnson has blogged about the entire incident from the day it happened, and she's surprised at the increase in hits it has gotten in recent months. To visit Stacey's web-site, click here.

Robbie says he'll keep doing the things he loves once he's 100%. He plans on riding stationary bicycles at the end of the year, and hopes to be riding around Jonesboro again next spring.

The Ridge Rider Athletic Club will hold a meeting tonight at the Jonesboro YMCA, at 1421 West Nettleton Avenue. All runners, walkers, cyclists and swimmers are invited to the meeting.

Robbie says he plans on appearing at the meeting.