Economic Growth And Development Tops Talk At Mayoral Forum

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Economic growth and development....key words on Tuesday night. Jonesboro Mayoral Candidate Jason Willett said economic development is one of the most important issues in this mayoral race. He says part of economic development means supporting public education.

"I think we need to help them from the stand point of our student resource officers in schools. If we have districts that don't have the funding then the city needs to step up as the first line of defense. Those officers play a big role in those children's education in helping them understand that there is a cause and effect of their actions," said Willett.

Felecia Parks says she has a lengthy list of essential services the city of Jonesboro must provide to its residents....including, she says, well maintained streets and an adequate drainage system.

"I believe that the infrastructure of any city is going to rely very heavily upon maintaining a well developed police department and fire department," said Parks.

Alec Farmer says services like JETS benefit a segment of the community that with the rising cost of fuel and food, will need this more than ever.

"In the event the voters reject the continuation of the city fund, I do pledge this, I will work with the private sector to raise 130-thousand dollars so that JETS can continue to serve the citizens of jonesboro who need and depend on this service," said Farmer.

Harold Perrin says Monday's announcement by Nice Pak was fantastic for the city and says long term, good paying jobs are what this city needs. He suggests organizing an economic task force.

"With local people and the citizens to talk about the type of jobs and the kind of jobs and coordinate that with the chamber of commerce and other state agencies so that we will be looking for long term jobs and good paying jobs in this area," said Perrin.