Chemical Haz-Mat Exercise

PARAGOULD (KAIT) There are hundreds of hazardous chemicals around us everyday. At work, on the roads, trains passing by. How to deal with a spill is something that emergency services train constantly for. Wednesday morning a simulated leaking chlorine tank precipitated a training opportunity.

John Defries the safety officer at the Paragould Water Treatment Center gave me the scenario."We had a chlorine cylinder, a one ton cylinder, that was being hoisted into the building and was dropped and began leaking."

Units from the Paragould Fire Department, The Greene County Rescue Squad, Police, Ambulance all came to the scene and set up at a command center.

PFD Chief Kevin Lang, "We received the call, we got on scene. Once we established our command center the first group made entry to try and determine where our hot zone was."

With the boundary's established the first group of rescuers made their way in. Armed with air packs and plastic decon suits they were able to remove the victims and shut off the leak.

Organizers and supervisors were pleased with the results of today's exercise.

Defries, "It went smooth, it was probably the best exercise we've ever had. We're going to have a critique and we'll talk about any improvements and problems we had and solve those."