Costume Shoppers May be Politically Inspired

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- With Halloween just a couple of weeks away and the election right after that, some in Region 8 may be considering a politically inspired costume.

"I think it's hilarious! This is America.  We have just as much fun to make fun of our candidates as to support them," said Heather Tilley.

"We normally sell a lot of presidential masks especially during an election year.  So far that's not been the case this year.  Maybe they don't want to be Obama or McCain," said Golden Grotto owner Larry Mcilvoy.

Golden Grotto has masks of every shape and size and political party.

Political Science professor Hans Hacker said you can't tell who a person supports just by the mask they wear.

"It's not like casting your vote or telling someone as you come out of the voting booth, 'I voted for this candidate', there are a lot of reasons why people might dress as one candidate over another," said Hacker.

"I guess anyone could put on a suit, some Sarah Palin glasses, wear your hair all up and fancy or put a mask on and it would probably be a cheap and easy costume," said Carlee Vancil.

There are also plenty of masks out there of people who aren't on the ballot this year and their wives.

"It's just a great time.  That's what Halloween's all about," said Tilley.

Even though they have both Barack Obama and John McCain masks the staff of Golden Grotto say they haven't sold any.  However, past presidents and their wives are selling.  They say the most popular political mask of all time is Ronald Reagan.