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Diabetic Footcare
Proper foot care is an important part of diabetes management.  In fact, diabetics are at an extremely increased risk of serious foot disorders.   Foot problems are the most common diabetes complication leading to hospitalizations.  Ulcers or sores on the feet can be caused by improper shoe gear that can result in infection and possible amputation.  Studies show that well fitted diabetic shoes with moldable insoles reduce the development of these ulcers and sores.
By starting preventive measures early, it is possible to avoid later foot complications and will enable you to maintain an independent, active lifestyle.
This is why the Stride-Lite Therapeutic Shoes and insoles are an excellent first step toward better foot health.

A Comfortable Shoe Sensitive to Style
Stride-Lite Therapeutic Shoes were designed with the input from patients and professionals.  We discovered that many people with diabetes have trouble finding a shoe that is comfortable.  This is why Stride-Lite Shoes have balanced the need to provide the ultimate in comfort with the goal of protecting the diabetic foot.  It has enabled out company to produce a shoe that is effective for treatment, however sensitive to style.  Stride-Lite Therapeutic Shoes have ultra depth to accommodate a diabetic insole that is custom fit for the patient's foot.  A rocker bottom coupled with a rigid shank, aid in realigning ground forces and encourages a normal gait.  The shoe is lightweight with a secure closure that ensures the shoe securely stays on to protect the foot.

Medicare Pays - For Diabetic Shoes and Insoles
Did you know Medicare has a Therapeutic Shoe Bill? This Bill enables coverage of therapeutic shoes and insoles to eligible diabetic patients (Medicare Part B).  Medicare's intent is to reduce the incidence of diabetic foot complications that can result in expensive hospitalizations.

Due to the preventative nature of this bill, a diabetic patient may qualify for shoes and insoles without a history of any foot complications.  In fact, many individuals wear them to prevent foot problems as well as treat an existing condition.

For patients meeting Medicare criteria, coverage is limited to one pair of extra depth shoes and three pairs of insoles each calendar year.

Our Diabetic Shoe Program Provides

  • One Pair of therapeutic depth shoes yearly
  • Three pair of multi-density orthotic inserts yearly
  • Shoes properly fitted by one of our Footwear Consultants
  • Many shoe styles to choose from

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