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Spenco Rx Insoles

Because Spenco® was started by a doctor, our focus still remains on providing doctors with the best products to treat their patients. Whether you need extra arch support to help treat Plantar Fasciitis or just some extra cushioning to help relieve a Heel Spur, Spenco® has the highest quality products to help keep you comfortable and on your feet.

Poly Sorb Insoles

PolySorb® Premium Insoles are engineered to provide the most advanced comfort and performance for today's athlete. Whether you need Maximum Cushioning to help absorb the pounding from the street or Total Support to help support and stabilize your arch and heel, PolySorb has the solution to fit your specific needs.

Q FactorTM

Targeted Comfort for a Woman's Foot

We've finally figured out the difference between men and women. It's about five degrees of angle. The Spenco® Q FactorTM line of insoles is exclusively designed for women and addresses the science of the Quadriceps Angle (Q Angle). Because women's hips are naturally wider for child bearing, they tend to have a wider Q Angle than men. As a result, their bodies are more prone to certain types of injury due to issues with pressure and alignment. The Spenco® Q FactorTM line of insoles provide correct support where women need it most, helping to provide targeted comfort and reduce the risk of injury for women.

Gel Series

Spenco® Gel insoles provide maximum cushioning to provide outstanding everyday casual comfort. Specially designed to absorb maximum shock, the Spenco® line of gel products are guaranteed to energize your feet for all day comfort that lasts.

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