Walnut Ridge Airport and Country Club Still Trying To Reach Agreement

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Desperate for a compromise, representatives from the city of Walnut Ridge, the airport, and the country club went back and forth for hours Wednesday.

They were trying to come to an agreement on an issue many say is dividing the city.

"We've got a start, and in order to have a finish you have to have a start," said Terry Ryan.  This battle started months ago.  Airport officials want the land the country club sits on for changes to the airport.  Country club officials say the two can co-exist just as they've done years before.

Country club board member, Terry Ryan, says all parties involved must do what's best for the city. He says that starts with compromising.

"There are some options that we're going to go back and look at and explore. Some we have explored before, but we are going to do it again. We're going to go through the exercise of looking. We're hoping that the city and the airport commission will go back and explore all of their options and see what's in the best interest for our community," Ryan.

No final decisions were made at Wednesday night's meeting. All parties will go back and discuss with their boards where to go from here.

David Cahoon is a lawyer employed by city of Walnut Ridge.

"With the idea in mind that we might ask the court for a continuance in the case to give people more time to try an resolve this problem," said Cahoon.