Still No Arrests In A Series Grubbs Fires

Grubbs, AR (KAIT) -- The Jackson County Sheriff's Office needs your help finding George Wesley Siddons.  He is wanted for questioning in a house fire in Grubbs. Investigators also want to question him about several other recent fires in the small region eight town.

While deputies search for Siddons, residents of Grubbs gathered  to fight fire with fire.

"It's really beyond me why anybody would want to do that," said Grubbs resident, Uvel Williford.

As night begins to fall on the small Jackson County town of Grubbs, some residents are raising questions about the town's safety.

"I've got three sons that are growing up here and quite possibly could make their life here. I'm definitely concerned for their safety, for everyone's safety here," said Grubbs native, Allen Spradling.

The questions stem from a series of fires set nearly two weeks ago. The fires did well over one hundred thousand dollars worth of damage to a home, trucks, farm equipment, and even to a school building. And still no arrests.....

"Right now this is our top priority. We have five investigators strictly for this," said Jackson County Sheriff, David Lucas.

A town meeting Thursday was called to help ease concerns and answer questions about the investigation.

Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas says people have to be vigilant. He urges anyone with any information to come forward.

"A big part of our job and a big part of what depends on if we solve the crime or not depends on the citizens because they see and hear a lot more than we do," said Lucas.

Residents say Thursday's meeting won't undo the damage that has already been done, but many agree a community taking a stand against senseless vandalism can help keep it from happening again.

"Letting the people that do this kind of stuff know that we're not going to tolerate it and we are going to watch and we are going to do something about it," said Spradling.

"The people of this community are not going to sit back and tolerate that kind of behavior," said Arkansas State Senator, Jack Critcher.

Investigators say it's still too soon to tell if all of the fires are connected.