Fairways Vs. Airways In Walnut Ridge

Walnut Ridge, AR -- (KAIT) "We're all trying to work towards a resolution, and it seems like we've been over and over and over this," said Walnut Ridge Mayor, Michelle Rogers.

In a special meeting called on Tuesday, the Walnut Ridge City Council addressed the airport/country club controversy yet again. Tuesday's meeting comes on the eve of another meeting between the two party's lawyers--a meeting scheduled for Wednesday. In a meeting on Monday, members of the Walnut Ridge Airport Commission voted not to ask for a continuance in the meeting scheduled for Wednesday.

"The decision was made not to ask for a continuance in the hearing that is scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday). I know the airport commission met last night (Monday) and voted not to do that, and basically the council voted to go with that decision also," said Rogers.

Walnut Ridge Mayor, Michelle Rogers, says she believes people are willing to get together at this point to come up with some kind of compromise. She says she feels like both parties are desperate for a resolution to this issue, and she is hopeful that resolution will come soon.

"We've all got to the point, let's get on with it, and get something done," said Rogers.

A decision on whether or not there will be a continuance on this case is scheduled for Wednesday. We will of course bring you that decision when it is made. If there is not a continuance, the trial is scheduled to begin on November 10th.