Political Sign Problems in Region 8

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- One of the most visible parts of the campaign season are yard signs that line city streets.  Jonesboro is one example of a city in Region 8 that is full of political campaign signs.

"Usually the political signs to some extent do cause a little clutter," said Director of Planning and Zoning Otis Spriggs.

Spriggs said they always have some problems with political signs, but this year they've taken early steps to help prevent the usual problems.

"We passed out some simple regulations for all of the candidates to follow that would sort of cause the proliferation of the signs to be to a minimum," said Spriggs.

They do have a member of the planning and zoning team that goes out and checks signs, but Spriggs tells Region 8 News with their limited staff they primarily check signs when there's a problem, especially with a sign in the right of way.

"Usually we'll respond to complaints that relate to election signs or other temporary signs that are in the right of way due to the limited number of staff that we do have in the city," said Spriggs.

Here are some basic rules of thumb for political signs:

For private property signs have to be five feet away from property lines, five feet from other temporary signs, and ten feet from the road.  There is a maximum of two signs that you can have on street side of your property and the signs can only be seven feet tall.  For commercial property some of the rules are the same.  One change to those rules is that you can have up to four signs that can be read from the road.

The number of signs on roadways seems to be going up and between now and Election Day don't expect for the number of signs out there to go down.

After Election Day, those with signs in their yards have up to fourteen days to take the signs down.