Trees Cleared For Bono Lake; Dam Construction Next

BONO, AR (KAIT) -- After years of talking and planning, a lake in Bono is even closer to being a reality.  Construction on the project started earlier this year.

Bono Mayor L.M. Duncan is one of several people in Craighead County that is ready to see this project completed, but he said they are waiting on clearance right now.

"We're waiting on the final permit from the Corps of Engineers to start the dirt work on the levee.  Hopefully that will be real soon," said Duncan.

As soon as they get the approval Mayor Duncan said they will take bids on the dirt work to get the levee built.  When completed, the lake will cover about 130 acres.

A lot of trees have already been cut down from the site and since this site is also supposed to be a fishing lake some of the tree stumps are going to be taken and put into the bottom of the lake so they can be used as a fish habitat.

For the people of Craighead County and Bono, especially those with a vested interest in this lake, this has been a long time coming.

"I guess this is what you call a dream come true.  This has been going on now for seven or eight years that I've been working on this project so to see it come this far is really great," said Duncan.

The lake will offer more than recreation; Duncan said some Bono residents will benefit from the lakes construction.

"It should help the flooding some in the city of Bono.  I mean, it won't stop 100% flooding but it's going to help," said Duncan.

The lake is supposed to be completed by Summer of 2009.