Police Arrest Trumann Teacher

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- New details on a story we're tracking out of Poinsett County. Investagators say a Trumann teacher tried to get drugs from a student, and now the boy's mom is speaking out.

"Something's going to be done. I was very angry, very angry," said Rhonda Rusher.

Rhonda Rusher's 16-year-old son is a student at Trumann Alternative School.

She says it was pure disbelief when her son told her what teacher, Pam Bradsher, asked him to do.

"He told me what she said, that she wanted white Hydrochodone...she was specific about it...and that she would give him Xanax if he went and got them," Rusher.

Rhonda Rusher says her son denied his teacher's request. She says he told his father first, who a few days later, told her. Rhonda then approached the teacher.

"I said I have a problem.  She said, ok what is it? I said I don't appreciate you trying to get my son to buy drugs for you," said Rusher.

After an investigation of Rhonda's story, police arrested Bradsher. She has since bonded out. An email sent to Region 8 news by the Poinsett County Sheriff's Department listing her booking information says charges will involve delivery of a controlled substance. Sheriff Larry Mills also confirmed to Region 8 news she will be charged with solicitation of a minor to commit a crime.

"For somebody in that authority to do something like this....you know, what if he would have went and done it. What if he would have got caught. You know, she made him think it was ok to go do it. If he would have gotten caught, he would have gotten in a lot of trouble," said Rusher.

Rhonda Rusher says she's disappointed that the incident ever happened, but proud of her son's decision.

"He's made a lot of mistakes, but he did the right thing this time," said Rusher.

We called the school superintendent today for his reaction, but our call was not returned. Poinsett County Sheriff Larry Mills says Pam Bradsher is not allowed on any Trumann School grounds. Earlier Thursday  we spoke to Bradsher by phone. She says she's maintaining her innocence. Region 8 news will continue to track this story and bring you any new developments.