Auto club warns of Halloween drunk-driving spike

WASHINGTON (AP) - With Halloween falling on a Friday this fall, AAA is warning that can lead to what it calls a "frightening" spike in the number of drunk driving deaths.

The auto club cites federal highway statistics that show the number of motor vehicle fatalities increases an average of 30% when Halloween falls on a weekend compared to other days of the week. And it says nearly half of those fatal crashes are alcohol-related.

AAA is urging both partygoers and trick-or-treaters to make plans to keep themselves safe. For trick-or-treaters and their parents, they recommend bright, reflective costumes that make a child easy to see, or short of that, adding reflective tape to costumes or treat buckets. Among other precautions, AAA also recommends bringing a flashlight with fresh batteries.

For those headed to parties, the auto club suggests planning a travel route that avoids residential areas. It also says to make sure the driver has not been drinking, or consider staying overnight.

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