Over a Week of No Water for Biggers Bluff Residents

SHARP COUNTY, AR (KAIT) -- For the past ten days the water supply to Biggers Bluff has been cut off.  The water is supplied by the city of Hardy to the Biggers Bluff Water Corporation.  It all started with unpaid bills.  Residents say they pay their water bill to one man and he's supposed to pay the city for the water, a bill the city of Hardy said has not been paid.

Sam Oakley is one resident who has been without water for the past week and a half.

"Water's a quality of life.  It's a thing that you must have and we don't have any," said Oakley.

This all stems from unpaid water bills, money the residents say they paid, but not to the city of Hardy.

"We don't know where the money went.  Apparently it didn't go to Hardy for the water," said Oakley.

Oakley said he pays $300 a year to the Biggers Bluff Water Corporation, which he said is run by Clifton Johnson.

Hardy Mayor Nina Thorton tells Region 8 news that Johnson is the city's customer and that it's his bill that hasn't been paid consistently for two years.  In fact, she said the city is currently owed $16,400 and as of November 20th when the bill comes due again that number goes up to $20,700.

Residents say their water service from the Biggers Bluff Water Corporation has never been great.  We first told you about Biggers Bluff water problems back in 2005.

"It's been off and on, off and on and this has gone on for years," said Oakley.

Now Oakley, like many of his neighbors is getting ready to take the necessary step of putting in a well.

"It's a thing where you know you have a mandatory situation to yourself that you've got to do it because there's no other option left," said Oakley.

He said having the well put in will cost him about $10,000.

Region 8 News tried to contact Clifton Johnson, but our calls were not returned.