Ark. AG Supports Lottery, But Cites Cost Concerns

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Attorney General Dustin McDaniel says he's he voted for creating a state-run lottery to fund college scholarships, despite concerns about how much it will cost the state to start up the games.

McDaniel said he wants lottery revenues to pay for any additional lawyers his office may need to hire to address legal issues related to the games. McDaniel said yesterday that he cast his ballot last week as an early voter. The lottery amendment appears on the ballot for Tuesday's general election.

The attorney general said he wasn't very excited about voting yes on the amendment, but ultimately thought about thousands of kids and thousands of Arkansas families having an easier time affording college.

McDaniel said he thinks his office will probably need to hire additional attorneys to work on contracts with lottery vendors and address other legal issues that may arise about the lottery. Governor Mike Beebe says he remains undecided about the lottery and will probably remain that way until he votes on Tuesday in his hometown of Searcy (SUR'-see).

He said it depends what day of the week it is -- one day he thinks he'll vote for it, and the next day he wakes up and decides he's not going to vote for it.

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