Mayors Race Going Down To The Wire

JONESBORO, (KAIT) The Jonesboro mayoral race is coming down to the last few hours.

Each candidate spent the last few hours meeting the voters, either going from house to house, on the phone or at sports events.

Change seems to be the key word in the presidential election and the mayoral contest as well.

Harold Perrin, "I have had several people call today and meet me at the campaign headquarters and talk about platform which I thought was very interesting."

Alec Farmer, "Seen a lot of people face to face and talk about their concerns and how we can improve Jonesboro."

Felicia Parks, "Had the opportunity to learn a bunch, get a bunch of information and get that out to the public."

Jason Willett, "We've talked about reaching out to a certain segment of the city that we think kind of looks for what we're talking about with change that we think is needed here in Jonesboro."

Now it's all up to the voters to decide.