Election Day Dawns

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - What's at stake in Tuesday's election:

PRESIDENT - Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain are on the ballot, as are independent candidate Ralph Nader and Libertarian Bob Barr. Three other minor-party candidates for president will also appear on the ballot. The winner will receive Arkansas' six electoral votes.

SENATE - Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor faces a Green Party challenger in his re-election bid, as do three of the state's four incumbent congressmen. Rep. Marion Berry, a Democrat representing east Arkansas, does not face any opponents.

BALLOT MEASURES - There are five measures on the ballot, including a proposed constitutional amendment that would let the Legislature create a state lottery to raise funds for college scholarships. A proposed initiated act would bar unmarried couples living together from becoming foster or adoptive parents. Voters will also be asked to consider $300 million in bonds for water projects, an amendment authorizing annual legislative sessions and an amendment to remove outdated election language from the state's constitution.

LEGISLATURE: Democrats will continue their majority in both chambers of the Legislature after Tuesday's election. Only one race, a seat in Faulkner County, is contested in the 35-member Senate. Democrats already are guaranteed 27 seats in that body, while Republicans are guaranteed 7. Only 28 seats in the 100-member House are contested in Tuesday's election. Democrats are already guaranteed 56 seats that are unopposed, while Republicans are guaranteed 16 seats.

OTHER RACES: Voters will also cast ballots on local races throughout the state, including races for sheriff and judgeships.

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