Police Arrest 7 in Post-Obama Victory Disturbance

JONESBORO, Ark. (AP) - At least seven people were arrested Tuesday night after police were summoned to a disturbance at an apartment complex near Arkansas State University and found an impromptu celebration of Barack Obama's presidential victory.

Police officer Jim Flanigan told The Associated Press that a fight started late Tuesday night at the apartment complex, about a block from the university. Flanigan said radio traffic between officers indicated a large crowd had gathered near the campus.

Police officer John Hope said a melee developed and police arrested seven. Hope said "an off-duty security officer made initial contact with the group there and I think at that point the incident initiated." Hope said one officer "got out there with a group of 200 people and it ended up getting out of hand."

Seventeen-year-old Freshman Julian Smith of Jonesboro said the fight started as officers attempted to break up the celebration, which was already winding down.

An Arkansas State Police dispatcher said at least five troopers had responded to the scene of the melee. A state police spokesman did not return a call for comment early Wednesday morning.

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