Some Hunters Saving, Some Still Spending in this Tough Economy

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Thousands of hunters will enter the woods this weekend for the start of modern gun season.  But in the current economic slump, are these hunters spending as much this year as they normally do?

"I bought a new four wheeler new bow for me and my wife all new camouflage," said hunter Randy Burns.

Randy Burns said he's spending more this year than he normally would.

"Around $4,500 to $5,000 this year already," said Burns.

However some are cutting back.

"Compared to last year probably about 80% less," said hunter Daniel Poteet.

The current economic downturn has some hunters thinking twice before spending.

"Money's tight all the way around with the gas and everything else going up.  I'm just trying to cut back on all the goodies I would normally buy at the beginning of every year," said Poteet.

DNW owner Dennis Noell said he's seen sales go up this year.

"We've been real fortunate and our sales are actually up for the year.  It seems like people are still going hunting," said Noell.

He said he was worried that people might not be buying as much this year, but the hunters keep coming in and buying supplies.

"I started carpooling to work to save money for it.  I cut back on all my excess spending on nick nack stuff," said Burns.

"This year where I would normally buy new camouflage clothing and stuff like that I'll make do with what I have from the year before.  It's getting old and worn out and faded but it's still good," said Poteet.