Survey To Ask City's Youth About Potentially New Programs

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- When kids are in school, teachers can find plenty for them to do. It's after that last bell rings that kids often go looking for "fun." Unfortunately, some wind up finding trouble instead. Tonight, one Jonesboro agency is doing its part to change that, but they need you and your child's help first.

"We say we serve at risk youth, but any student that wants to come here, I want them to....simply because Jonesboro needs it," Eric Lloyd.

Recognizing the need, the city's parks and rec department will conduct a youth survey to get some feedback from students on what interests them. City Youth Ministries Youth Director, Eric Lloyd, says more attractions or programs for the city's youth could help guide students in the right direction.

"When kids get bored they get creative. I don't want the creativeness to get them into trouble. I don't want them to look to avenues to satisfy their boredom by doing something that could get them in trouble," said Lloyd.

He says the more engaged young people are, the better off they'll be. So whether it's something like a water park or skate park, he says giving kids something positive to focus on will only help them in the long run.

"We're here to say we believe in you. We want places where kids can feel like they are believed in...where people could look at them an really see a future," said Lloyd.

Positive and interesting programs for Jonesboro's youth will only be as successful as the people who run them.  Lloyd says when and if Jonesboro does get new attractions for young people, he say positive role models are a must.

"City Youth, Earl Bell, Parker Park, as long as there are positive adult role models as long as they're a presence. That's going to make a difference," said Lloyd.

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