Region 8 Gun Sales Shoot Up

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Many retail stores are experiencing sluggish sales right now, but gun dealers are seeing a spike in their sales.

Pawn shop owners say they feel it has a lot to do with the outcome of the presidential election.  In the months leading up to the election sales were up and now that Election Day has passed the number of gun sales has gone up even more.

United Pawn Brokers owner Dale Barber said in November of 2007 he sold 23 guns and so far this November he has sold 80 guns.

"Since the election they have come in and started buying handguns more because they're scared of what's going to happen," said Barber.

Pawn shop owner Junior Cliff said this isn't the first time this has happened.

"We were at the Little Rock gun show a couple of weeks ago and they had a record crowd of people who were buying guns and ammo like they did in 1993," said Gee Street Pawn Shop owner Junior Cliff.

Cliff said when Bill Clinton took the presidency he sold people multiple handguns and some of those guns were returned.

"After this panic was over they brought them back and sold them back to me.  They saw that there were really no restrictions and everything was going to be ok.  I'm sure it will happen the same way this time," said Cliff.

People are not only stocking up on guns they're also buying ammunition.  Not all sales are directly related to the election.  We're in hunting season and this is always a busy time for gun dealers.

"Usually our cases are stocked full and the walls are stocked full of guns, but this is our hunting season too.  We do sell a lot of hunting guns and stuff but recently its been mostly handguns," said Richard Mangrum of Jim's Pawn Shop.

"There are a lot of hunters out there but just the same those hunters are also concerned with the possibility of gun control.  They say people are also concerned with home protection and a lot of the handguns they sell are for that.

Gun dealers are also having a hard time getting some of the guns they are ordering because suppliers are out.