Hi - Tech for the Classroom

JONESBORO (KAIT) You would probably have to look for a long time to find a piece of chalk and an eraser in a school classroom.

Besides the computer, new technology in the classroom is opening up new venues for learning for both teachers and students.

The classroom of today may still have desks in it but other than that it probably bears little resemblance to the classrooms of yesteryear.

Since the 80's computers have played a big part in education.

Dr. Jane Jamison, JSD, "We have computer labs in all our campuses including kindergarten. We have computers in the pre-k classrooms now."

Besides the computers there is new, more interactive technology being introduced.

Wright Porter, Teacher, "History tends to be a very visual subject field and prior to receiving this technology we were rather limited in what we could show the students."

It's called smart technology and it's a whole tool box of electronic wizardry. A multi-media classroom.

Jamison, "And our definition of that includes a smart sympodium, which is like a smart board. A ceiling mounted projector, and a document camera, speakers and all the wiring that connects that."

Students see the technology as an opportunity to learn more in less time..

Hope Tounsand, JHS Student, "We show the amount of information that we learned when we were younger on chalkboards. On the symposium it takes about 5 minutes what it used to take the whole class period."

This equipment has only been in use for about 3 and has grown rapidly.

Jamison, "We have escalated through very aggressive grant seeking. We now have multi media class room in place in about 175 classrooms in our district."

This particular batch of equipment will be used to teach and develop social studies programs. Teachers and students will share with magnet schools and schools around the world.

It's a whole new way of teaching.

Porter, "Well because we've just received the technology were still kinda in the learning phase here.were experimenting with it."

And a whole new way of learning.

Paul Lewis, JHS Student,  "Our teacher can actually go get pictures and have them on the symposium where normally they just tell us about it or draw it up on the board and it's not always that great and I like to being able to see everything."