Region 8 Kids Taking Prescription Drugs

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Several Region 8 junior high students put themselves in potential danger yesterday when they took someone else's prescription drugs.  Now those kids are in trouble, both with the school and the police department.

"You don't think about it being right there under your nose," said Mary Jo Clark.

Clark has two kids, ages 12 and 14, and she said prescription drugs aren't something she really worries about.

"I have parents ask where do they get their prescription drugs and I say look in your medicine cabinet," said Corporal Greg Lawson.

"I speak very frankly with my kids and they know you don't take anything that anybody gives you.  You don't take anything that didn't come from the doctor for you," said Clark.

"They think that maybe because it is prescription, that it's not going to hurt them in any way.  They're badly, badly mistaken," said Lawson.

Dare Officer Greg Lawson said a lot of the pills that are abused are time released pills and instead of taking the pill, abusers will crush them up getting all the effect all at once.  We all have some type of prescription in our medicine cabinet and a lot of the time we have some drugs we don't even need anymore.  Lawson said throw those away.

"Mine are in the kitchen cabinet.  They are not locked up but they all of my medications are all together in one spot," said Clark.

And while your kids may never take your prescription drugs, some will.

"They may sit there and say I've never done anything like this and I will never do anything like this and then we go into the peer pressure thing and there's always the chance that they may," said Lawson.

Clark said she tries to educate her kids.

"I can hope that my kids are not going to follow the crowd but there's a number of kids that are going to and they're going to take anything that someone hands to them," said Clark.

She does one thing that officers suggest you do with your kids:  talk to them about the dangers of these drugs.  Just because they're not illegal doesn't make them safe.