Jonesboro Native Dangerously Close To Raging Wildfires

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- "I see smoke,  there are ashes snowing down. At night, it's pretty horrific because there are huge flames in the sky," said Jonesboro native, Erin Dunn.

17-year-old Erin Dunn is attending school in Santa Barbara, California, but she and her parents also call Jonesboro home. Erin sent photos of the wildfires that have burned thousands of acres and more than 100 homes....many multimillion dollar mansions. Erin's home in Santa Barbara California is less than five miles from the center of this fiery fury. Now, all she can do is wait.

"There are at least 1000 fire fighters here to try and keep it from going further into the city...but there's smoke all around and last night you could see the flames on the hillside," said Dunn.

Erin says right now, where she is, officials have not issued any evacuation orders. She says not all of her friends have been so lucky. Now, they must all wait to see what these unpredictable fires will do next.

"I know of at least three that have lost their houses, and quite a few more have been evacuated and they don't even know if their homes are still standing or not. Everybody is just in anticipation hoping that their houses made it alright," said Dunn.

Erin says right now, she feels safe. She, like thousands of others, are putting their faith in the firefighters...hoping they control the fires before even more damage is done.

"There are hundreds of fire trucks around. They are waiting to get called in, and I do have faith that the firefighters will be able to protect us," said Dunn.