Your Thanksgiving Meal Could Cost More This Year

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  The economy has many in Region Eight reconsidering their annual feast. On Monday, we added it all up-- from the turkey to the pie.

Over the next several days, shoppers will be flocking to the grocery stores, stocking their shelves with essentials for their Thanksgiving meal.  According to the Arkansas Farm Bureau, this year it will cost you more to make that meal.

Major Stephanie Greenham with the Salvation Army is planning to fill around 500 food boxes for the less fortunate this Thanksgiving and Christmas. She says it will cost considerably more to fill those boxes this year.

Greenham says its costing her food buyer more just to purchase day-to-day meals the Salvation Army serves.

"He says he's seeing a 30 percent increase across the board. For the rolls of hamburger meat, milk, and eggs and all of the things that we have to have," said Greenham.

So how much can you expect to pay for that Thanksgiving spread? To feed a family of six to eight people, we started pricing everything from turkey to pie crusts.....not counting the extras like milk, butter and eggs we came to a total of $29.73.

Keep in mind, these were not name brand items-- but the store brands, which are cheaper.

"While we can't change the price of food, many folks say they can change the way they shop....

"I have an idea of what I would like to have so I buy it when it goes on sale," said one shopper.

"I clip coupons, and I take my coupons to the store with me when I go," said another shopper.

Many say those changes can save them money in the end.