Investigation Continues Into GCT Bus Accident

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) -- A bumpy ride home from school Tuesday afternoon landed dozens of Region 8 kids in the hospital.

There are still questions about what actually took place on board the buses before and after the accident. 26 people, including a bus driver, wound up in the emergency room after two Greene County Tech buses collided. Cameras were on both buses, but the accident was not caught on tape.

"We will do our investigation and look at what has happened, we will also take into account what police say.  We will determine at a later date if any disciplinary action will be taken," said GCT's Director of Transportation, Keith Davis.

There are still unanswered questions about what exactly happened on Tuesday afternoon when one Greene County Tech school bus rear ended another.

"We had a bus on Pruett's Chapel Road slow down to try and control a discipline problem," said Davis.

Officials say when that bus slowed down, the bus behind rear ended it. About 110 kids were on both buses. Seven had to be taken to the emergency room by ambulance.

Officials say all of the students were checked out by EMT's.

School officials say the buses do have cameras, but they say for some reason they weren't working properly. Officials say there is no accident video from the bus that got hit.  There is a little video from the other bus. Apparently, officials say in the moments after the crash happened.

"After the bus was turned off, and the camera went off, the next thing you see are kids crying and standing up trying to get off the bus," said Davis.

School officials say that video is now in police custody. Tuesday's wreck was the third wreck in the district this year. In early October, one accident happened on 412 near the school. Earlier this month there was another accident at the intersection of 721 and 765. School officials say the previous two were minor and no kids were sent to the hospital. School officials say a state inspector visited GCT two weeks ago and inspected all of the buses. They say all of the buses were found to be in good condition. Officials say there were minor problems, but all of those problems have been corrected.

One bus driver did return to work on Wednesday, the other will be back on the bus on Thursday.