Natural gas is a natural fit

South Carolina Electric & Gas is proud to be an integral part of one the state's newest green developments, Tradition Hilton Head. This master planned community places a high value on environmental protection and sustainability by featuring green spaces and water conservation techniques.

Thad Reardon of Reardon Brothers Custom Homes is one of several builders who embraces the development's commitment to sustainable building. "We build high-end custom homes and we choose to install natural gas in our homes not only for its environmental benefits, but because many of our clients request it."

Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning energy sources available, burning about 30 percent cleaner than other fossil fuels. "We also find that our clients simply prefer the tangible benefits of natural gas," adds Reardon. "They complain about electric heat pumps not producing enough hot air or hot water tanks that take too long to recycle. With natural gas, the furnace produces warmer air to circulate throughout the home and the hot water tank uses less water and heats faster."

Cooking is better with natural gas, too, says Reardon. "You really have to have natural gas for better heat control while cooking. So, we install gas stoves in our homes."

There is no question that using environmentally friendly techniques in construction, including natural gas as a key element, is of benefit to the buyer. Green homes are less expensive to operate, require less maintenance, have better air quality and a higher resale value. You also have the peace of mind that your home is protecting the environment by emitting far less greenhouse gases than a non-green home.

Go Green With Natural Gas

Natural gas is the most efficient, cleanest burning fossil fuel available.

Natural gas produces virtually no atmospheric emissions of small particulate matter and far lower levels of greenhouse gases than other fuels.

Natural gas requires no underground fuel tank, eliminating the need for refill deliveries. Natural gas is always available.

Ninety percent of natural gas produced is delivered to a customer as useful energy versus other fuels that lose efficiency during generation and transmission.

Choosing natural gas appliances can reduce your carbon footprint by 35 percent, according to the American Gas Association.