Never Before Heard Audio of Misskelley

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Never before heard audio tapes are played in court Thursday as Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin sit for the second day of their second session of a rule 37 hearing.

The court listened to over two hours of recorded conversations between Misskelley and his former attorney Dan Stidham.  On the tapes Misskelley appears to give a post conviction confession of the crimes.  Stidham said his client was even swearing on a bible at the time but that the story was inconsistent with the facts and with any story he had given before.

"It's so obviously inconsistent.  It's such an absurd recounting it makes me ashamed to be an attorney," said David Perry Davis, one of the many supporters of the West Memphis Three that are in Jonesboro for the rule 37 hearing.

He said the tapes being played of Misskelley from 15 years ago are difficult to understand because of what misskelley is saying.

"Jessie reverses himself.  He does a 180 every minute trying to say what people want him to say and there's just absolutely consistency to it," said Davis.

"The boy still isn't telling the truth even when he was talking to his lawyer in jail.  He still just doesn't have it right," said Mark Byers, father of victim Chris Byers.

Attorney's for both Baldwin and Misskelley have several witnesses that haven't made it to the stand yet witnesses that likely won't make it there before this hearing ends on Friday.