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JONESBORO, AR(KAIT)--Tim Greene is a reef keeper, as in coral reef.  He has one of the only coral farms in Arkansas.  He has an elaborate reef cultivation tanks in his basement, along with a couple of cat tipped sharks.

Tim took his passion for reef keeping and turned it into his business in 2007.  He calls it Northeast Arkansas Reef Concepts, LLC.  He creates complete biotopes, salt water environments for all things living under the sea.

"Everything in one of my tanks is alive," said Greene.  "It's very dificult to maintain a salt water tank, it tanks a reat committment.  I've always loved reef keeping, so I thought why not go ahead and get paid for doing what I love."

Greene buys pieces of coral and then plants them in one of his growing tanks in his basement.  Greene says it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years to grow a coral, depending on what species of coral you are cultivating.

"I use lots of natural filtration and thousands of watts of "day" light to recreate what it's like at a depth of 30 feet in the ocean," said Greene.  "You can't improve on what God can do, so you just try to copy it as close as possible."

Greene has set up tanks at several Jonesboro businesses, including Engines Inc., and the dental office of Dr. Dean Tyrer.  Maintence on the tanks is extensive and at the Tyrer tank, Greene has to suit up in scooba gear and dive to keeps things clean, about every two weeks.

"To look at one of these is incredible," said Greene.  "You are watching living things grow and reproduce.  It really is living art and I consider myself somewhat of an artist.  It's just fascinating to look at, in fact we don't watch a lot of TV, we just watch a lot of "tank."

The cost of purchasing and maintaing a salt water coral tank is in the thousands of dollars and that cost increases as you increase in the size of tank.

For more information on reef keeping and NEA Reef Concepts, just click on or call Tim at 870-627-0594.

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