Church Fire Follow - Up

MARKED TREE (KAIT) The Healing Word Worship Center in Marked Tree was destroyed Saturday afternoon.

Members had only held 3 services in the building and now everything is gone.

Where do they go from here?

The pastor and members had brought new pews to be installed in the building. They decided to go to lunch first.

Bro. Johnny Russell, Asst. Pastor, "Hadn't been there 10 minutes. My brothers wife ran in and hollered told them that the building was on fire."

It took fire fighters from Marked tree, Trumann and Tyronza hours to get the blaze extinguished, by then everything was gone.

Russell, "Electrical keyboard, drums, pa system,  ovation song books, we had four pews in there already."

And perhaps the hardest thing to lose, their first real pulpit.

"Our first pulpit in this church yes, we took it and painted it and it was really nice."

Russell says the cause hasn't been determined yet. Paint fumes are suspected.

Russell, "We really don't know what caused it. Some of the fire department had said that they thought it was fumes from the paint but we really don't know yet."

And one of the ironic things about this fire is, they didn't have insurance, yet.

Russell, "We was busy in so many other things, getting pews and re-doing the building, trying to uplift this end of the street, and also get our church ready. Brother roberson said he was going to get it today."

And what about this coming Sunday, other churches have extended offers. And they still have a bunch of pews.

Russell, "We may have a street service, you know we've done it before. We've had street service before."

They may not be sure about this Sunday but the Healing Word Worship Center will rise from the ashes.

"We're looking forward to coming back from Marked Tree stronger than we were the first time. Because we're all god's people trying to help each other get to heaven. That's what it's all about."

A tyronza fire fighter was injured Saturday night but he has been released with injuries to his leg.

If you would like to help to the rebuilding of this church you can call one these numbers to make a donation.

PASTOR ROBERSON                                                      BRO. JOHNNY RUSSELL

W: 870-275-7198                                                         870-243-6381

C: 870-882-2286

H: 870-935-3210