Campaigning Continues For Jonesboro Mayoral Candidates

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- From shooting a campaign commercial, to making campaign phone calls, Alec Farmer and Harold Perrin are spending the last precious hours of this mayoral race campaigning and encouraging voters to go to the polls one last time.

For Perrin, he says his day will start very early Tuesday.

"I'll probably be visiting with all of the polling places, visiting with as many people as I can....just simply saying "Hi"," said Perrin.

Alec Farmer says highlights of the campaign include meeting people and hearing their encouraging words.

"If you're starting to get a little tired, that can really get you going. It invigorates you, and gets you going through that other hour you need to put in," said Farmer.

Both candidates say they are already working on plans for the future of Jonesboro, and its residents. Farmer says part of his plan is making residents feel safe in their homes.

"It's unacceptable for anyone who lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas to feel like they are in an unsafe environment. I have put together what I call a quality of life crime initiative. We're going to focus on property crimes and we're going to make people feel safe in their homes," said Farmer.

Harold Perrin says he's already in the process of putting a transition team together.

"They will be people from the outside that will come in and look at Jonesboro. I want a third viewpoint. I'll have people looking at things such as accounting, such as human resources in several areas of the city," said Perrin.