Lower Gas Prices Please Holiday Travelers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Lower gas prices are a welcome holiday gift as tens of millions will be traveling over the next several days. Despite lower gas prices, the number of travelers is expected to be down, but still very busy.  An estimated 41 million people are expected to be on the roads and in the sky.

Jonesboro Resident Ladesta McCann says just a month ago, it cost her nearly $80.00 to fill her tank. Now, she can do it for about 30 bucks. A big relief she says, especially during the holidays.

"It had a lot to do with what we were going to decide to do with family and friends," said McCann.

McCann, like millions of others, are just waiting to see what gas prices do over the next month. She says that will affect her plans for Christmas as well.

"This time last year, I probably wouldn't have been able to fill up my truck and go visit anyone as much as I'm going to this year. I mean, I'm probably going to go visit everyone this time," said another traveler.

Tanekia Hodges says not only have lower gas prices allowed her to see family over Thanksgiving, she's putting that extra money towards Christmas travel plans and gifts for her family.

"I'm actually shopping a bit more since the gas prices went down. I'm surprised it's actually staying down during the holidays.  I'm kind of shocked.  I'm hoping they don't go up Christmas," said Hodges.