Black Friday is Good For Small Local Businesses Also

JONESBORO (KAIT) Today is called "black Friday" and it's a day major retailers hope to rake in the green.

But what if you own your own store and you're not located in a mall.

Is black Friday important for you also?

There were lots of people who got up really early to go shopping at the mall. Others took the roads less traveled.

David Wilkerson, "We looked at the mall seen there was about a thousand people there. So we decided to go to other places and spend out money there."

many people don't like to shop in crowds and they are attracted to the locally owned smaller retailers like the jonesboro music center on stadium.

We found salesman Alex Carson strumming Christmas tunes on a guitar. Alex says the Christmas season is good in many ways.

"You know that's when people spend the most money probably. It's the best for retail times. Course holiday season that's when God gave his gifts. So that's when people want to give gifts to their families and friends."

Alex says they lay in extra guitar packages, drum kits and the occasional harmonica because making music is good for you.

"It's kinda joyful you know and especially during the holiday season. And that's what it's all about joy. It just makes people feel good . Music's good for you."

Gearhead Outfitters normally doesn't have a line waiting for the doors to open on black Friday.

Today was different.

Amanda Herget, "We've had a great morning this far. We were planning on opening around 10 but at 9 am we had about 30 people lined up outside the door to come in. People are just interested in the products that we have and wanting to come in and get it before it's gone."

Small businesses often fill a niche for specialty items.

TJ Kueter, "We've been coming to Gearhead for quite some time. We really like Ted and his wife, they're really good people and always give us good deals. And this is the only place in Jonesboro where you can get this type of merchandise. So that's why we end up coming out here and plus it's not quite so busy since it's off the beaten track."

Locally owned restaurants also do well during the holiday shopping season.

Restaurants like Chick Fil-A say it's not black Friday to them.

Derek Schiefer, "We don't like to call it black Friday. It ends up being green Friday for us. Because it's a big day we can turn some sales and really impress some of our guests with some of the new items we have coming out. "

If you're looking for this years latest cold weather fashion. Or you enjoy the peacefulness of carols on a guitar, large or small local businesses can help you out and still do well in the holiday season .