Teaching Kids To Be Safe At The Mall

JONESBORO (KAIT) Imagine the terror in a child when they realize that they are suddenly alone at the mall. Would your kids know what to do?

During the holiday Christmas rush there are thousands of shoppers at the stores and the malls.

Many of them bring their children with them shopping.

But what if they are separated?

A group of elementary students learned some valuable lessons on Wednesday.

Jennifer Jaynes Dean of Students, Nettleton Central Elm. "We just wanted them to know what to do to in order to be safe. We wanted to keep our kids safe during the holidays."

Jennifer Jaynes is the Dean of Students at Nettleton Central Elementary School. Working with the SRO Russ Manning the students learned where to go for help in the mall and to whom.

Touring in smaller groups the kids got to see the security office and other places to seek help in the mall.

Another aspect of the instruction was who to turn to in case you get lost. Look for the uniforms.

Wednesdays training is the herald of a new program at the school.

Jaynes, "Officer Manning and I, the SRO officer we are going to start a curriculum called "Keys to Safety". It's through the attorney generals office.

After all these lessons learned and all this wandering around the mall. I asked third grader Jared Veteo ,what do you do if you get lost?

"You go down the hall behind the food court and you knock on the window or knock on the door."  Jared is refering to the security office.

The mall has it's own security and on weekends there are also police present.

But parents, it's really up to you to keep up with your children.

SRO Russ Manning, "Know what they're wearing that's a big thing. Know exactly what they are wearing. Keep them with you, keep them with you at all times. Hold their hand stay with at that time."

In many large stores around the country and here in Region 8, there is also a program called "Code Adam" which basically locks a store down until the child has been found.